I am a geographer who helps people connect to the Vermont landscape and understand how it came to be the amazing place it is.  I approach the Vermont landscape with the geographer’s question:  Why are things where they are?  Through project-based consulting work, I dive deep, and research and analyze Vermont’s natural and cultural features.  I look for patterns and interconnections on the land, and try to understand how it has all evolved over time.

Then, through my Connect the Dots newspaper column for the Vermont Community Newspaper Group, community presentations, field trips, classroom activities, tours, and maps, (or even just conversations at community dinners or the library book sale), I tell the deeper stories of the Vermont landscape around us.

If you are someone who wants to:

  • learn how Vermont’s natural and cultural landscapes have interacted and changed over time,
  • deepen your insights and connections to this special place,
  • enrich your journeys through it,
  • help inform community decision making, or
  • have places you already love near you matter more,

…then, I invite you to come along with me, and share my geographer’s view of the Vermont landscape.